Vangollen 2017

The brains behind Vangollen – meet the vAn-Team!

One late summers’s day not that long ago a bunch of people from different backgrounds sat round a table (which had on it a handy plate of biscuits) and realised they had two things in common – a love a live music and a fondness of open-road adventures.


That table was in a house in Llangollen.

Before you could say “veedubbleyoo”, Vangollen was born!

What we said from the start was that this wouldn’t just be a festival for camper van owners, or even those who aspired to own one. It would be for anyone who shared interests in live music, open roads and the great outdoors. People who found excitement somewhere between strolling a seaside pier and hurling themselves out of an aeroplane. Folk who liked exploring new places and enjoyed the outdoors, who could chill out to music, food and drink without the need of strobe lighting and someone’s handbag to dance around.*

We reckoned you might be of a slightly mature age (ahem) and might have children, too. So we set out to create a festival that would appeal to a more discerning generation of festival-goers, yet nevertheless remain true to the ideals of any festival – good company, great food, entertainment and fun.

All the organisers have day-jobs so Vangollen really is a labour of love. That said, we all have useful specialisms – digital marketing, graphic design, experience with other music events and more. And in Llangollen Pavilion we have a tried-and-trusted venue, with facilities and teams of people who bring years of experience to event management.

We’e excited at the prospect of Vangollen 2017. It’s our first, so there’s always a big element of the unknown. But we’re confident it won’t be the last.

Please support us anyway you can. If you can’t come, we bet you know someone who might. Tell them about Vangollen. It’s a catchy name at least!
* You’re free to do this at Vangollen. Just don’t advertise it

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