Vangollen 2017

Day Visitors/Visitors without Vans

Don’t have a VW camper van? Don’t worry – you’ll love Vangollen!

Hotels in Llangollen are offering up to 20% discount to visitors attending Vangollen.

More information on participating hotels will be available soon.

Parking for non-overnight campers

Friday Afternoon/Evening, Saturday & Sunday – parking will be in the day visitor area of the show. Gates close for day visitors at 9pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.

Please note: For safety reasons, motorised scooters/ bikes/ skateboards (other than for disabled users) are not permitted at this event.

Please note: There is a noise curfew on all campsites of Midnight. After this time, ALL music and engines must be switched off completely. Anyone found breaching this will be asked to leave the grounds by security.

Vangollen will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour that does not fit in with the great, safe and friendly vibe this show achieves and generates. Anyone found disrespecting our visitors, our event and our simple rules will be asked to leave the event for the benefit and safety of others.

Professional security & medical teams will be present all weekend for your safety.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions

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